Scope of Graphic Design in Pakistan

Scope of Designers in Pakistan

To present information in images, or in graphic form by combining ideas and different images to attract the attention of audience is known as graphic designing. The graphic designer is a specialist in solving the problems associated with visual communication.

From Interactive Solution’s point of view, the competent designers must be expert in different skills like:

Drawing, layouting, Typography, Lettering, Diagrams and in photography.  So one would be consider a successful Graphic Designer.

Graphic Designing is vast field in terms of scope. Being a graphic designer is not just learning designing software but it’s also related to passion for the art. Graphic Designers are required in so many industries, like web designing, printing, in Logo designing, in Advertisement and it also encompasses many other fields on industrial level.

Graphic Designer can also create marketing brochures for services and products, and can

Design different types of logos for business and companies.

. One can pursue career as a Graphic Designer in different fields.

  • Art working
  • Design consultant
  • Design Management professional
  • Creative Director
  • Educational Institution
  • Publishers and Manufactures
  • Design Studio

Graphic Designer can also marketing brochures for services and products and also be able in books printing.

Interactive Solution give clear guidance to its client about  graphics how someone choose   it as a profession and a Graphic Designer have multiple choices in professional field after completing graphic designing.

Graphic Designer Asad Ur Rehman CEO of interactive solution show a distinctive path to its client   that is” Freelancing “, means how one can operate as a freelancer, owing your own business, how to get publicity among different companies by designing Logos, and publish own work through Portfolio for the services of client and how to earn profit by doing online work at home. In fact Graphic Designing is the need of today in every field of Life. Graphic Designing needs a lot for the publicity of other professions.

Mehwish Fardous SEO and Writing of Interactive Solutions

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