Tips to improve your Facebook eCommerce Campaign

Facebook is quickly becoming a required component of business growth, and companies that invest the time to learn. It will have a competitive advantage in social Media Marketing.

A guide line from Interactive solutions:

Facebook isn’t just a powerful network for reaching new and existing customers, but it’s also a useful marketing tool. Social Media Marketing allows you to mold your approach around the unique aspects of the desired audience, the goals for your business and the budget you have. Facebook lets you upload pictures and videos from your business. This can be a powerful way to communicate with customers and potential customers, allowing them to see your products or services without having visit.

Without a Facebook Ecommerce campaign, your business is either not going to generate a customer base through offers such as free eBooks, or/and your business is not going to generate sales. As well as allowing you to post text, Facebook lets you upload pictures and videos from your business. This can be a powerful way to communicate with customers and potential customers, allowing them to see your product or service without having to visit.

Interactive Solutions team give some instructions to their clients how to improve their Facebook Ecommerce Campaign to promote business.

Pick the right conversion Event for your business: Custom conversions let you optimize your ads for custom events and All URL Traffic events, which can’t be optimized on their own. To optimize for them, you can create a custom conversion and choose a standard event category that’s similar to the action you want to optimize. Then we can show your ads to people most likely to perform that action.

 Here is a list of the custom conversions you can choose from:


  • View Content
  • Search
  • Add to Cart
  • Add to Wish list
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Add Payment Info
  • Purchase
  • Lead
  • Complete Registration

In Social Media Marketing, purchase is highly intent option. The visitor has bought from you and becomes a customer. However, the Facebook pixel requires at least 50 events to optimize for your conversion campaign and if you choose the purchase event and you don’t have 50 conversions against it, your campaign is going to struggle!

Know your customer journey:  Interactive Solution’s team guide you to create customer journey map to promote business in Social Media Marketing by knowing the customers interest and intention. With the help of a customer journey map, you can get a sense of your customers ‘motivations their needs and pain points.

By knowing customer journey, you can understand how to structure your touch points to create the most effective and efficient process for your customers. A customer journey map maps out the current process, from the first to final touch point, to see if your customers are currently reaching the goals and, if not, how they can?

Use lookalike audience to scale your conversion campaign:

Lookalike Audience is a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to your best existing customers. You can build new audiences using an established source audience such as people who have viewed your videos or previously purchased from you.

Points to Ponder         

In doing business one should focus on:                         

  • customers’ needs
  • Use captivating images

Do fast and reliable massages for the convenience of customers.


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