Five Top Tools to Help In Team Work Remotely During (COVID-19)

Corona virus(COVID-19) is fatal and viral disease that spread all over the world. It is pandemic disease transmit from one person to another person. Our scientists, Doctors, pharmacist, failed to make antibiotic or any Vaccine against this disease.So, it is hard to control it. It is spreading all over the world every country is infected by this disease. Only minimal interaction and isolation is the best way to control over it. So every country has been Lockdown. Due to long time lockdown, it is very hard for many companies, industries and for educational institutions to stop their work, so many industries and institutions start online work from home these days.
Regardless of the Corona virus breakout online work or remotely work has become popular from last few years. Many businessmen prefer to work remotely because its save your time, less your expenditures, and you can do easily from home. There are many online platforms available through which you can run your business online by having collaborative team. But you have to choose such platform that helps you to manage your work easily in very systematic way.
This article is purposeful and below I will describe some authentic soft wares that help in remotely work and manage your files and documents fast.
Messages allows you to get more done, through messaging we can easilyshare  and response thing just by one tap. It is the best way to comein contact with teammembers. Because through messaging we can update from minute to minute discussion.Slack might be the best choice because it is an instant messaging and collaboration system. It keeps thing organized,and gave you the choice of breaking down your main conversation into several team specific chat. So by working with Slack you can easily convey your message easily.There are also a lot of advance faetures on the app including chat for simple communication.
Team viewer:
When someone is working online or run someone’s business online often need to share files from one system to another, and some time it needs to share screen. So Teamviewer is the best technology to share screen remotely. The TeamViewer covers the entire commercial enterprise lifecycle and addresses particular wishes including screen sharing, far away computer, remote get admission to, immediate enterprise chat, web, and video conferencing, backup, anti-malware, online whiteboards and plenty greater. Nowadays businessman and industries work remotely by using Team Viewer.
whenever, you have to work online and control everything remotely ,to manage and organize files and documents in a systematic way is the most important so that you can easily present your work at any time. Tello is the best technological tool to organize documents, manage your shared files, projects, or anything else that helps your teamwork together. It’s based on a simple idea: for effective project management.


 As a manager of company you have to organize some audio, video meetings with your team members to see their work and guide them about any issue. No need to worry ,ezTalk is one of the most innovative platform for cloud video conferencing. It also enriches with many other features ,such as HD video and audio, recording and play back ,screen, and content sharing,manage cross platform chat, manage files and it also allows writing and sending messages

Due to COVID-19 breakout all institutions are lockdown and thus online learning and sessions are the most important matter for universities nowadays. If you are willing to continue your online study by yourself under the guidance of expert then plutwo is the best platform for you. On plutwo you can follow famous subject expert and can get updates about the latest sessions they are conducting. As of now, the platform supports up to a thousand individuals in keeping with consultation who can sign on for periods with minimum subscription prices. The academics or professionals also can enjoy the platform with the aid of incomes consistent with classes and gaining followers by giving academic lectures.
These are some equipment to help you in managing remote work inside the Corona virus outbreak.Here interactivesolutions team availabe to give solution of your problems in such covid situation.By read this article you can esaily run your business from home with interactivesolutions.


Mehwish Fardou