5 Effective Ways to Retain your Customers online During COVID-19 Breakout

Cases of COVID-19 have been reported in all over the world. Almost 139 countries are suffering such pandemic disease. WHO declared a global pandemic in March 2020. Corona virus is a viral disease , its spread from person to person through respiratory droplets after sneezing and  coughing so minimal interaction is single solution to protect yourself from such dangerous disease .Day by Day COVID-19 number of patients are increasing. Yet all Doctors, Scientists, Pharmacists, are  failed to made vaccine against corona virus. So to control over it Lockdown all schools, factories, offices, shopping Malls, Restaurants, Industries have been Lock down.

 Lock Down is good for health but not for Businesses.

 In such covid situation it is impossible to go to offices and run any business.

 Due Corona virus breakout ,many companies ,industries and institutions move towards online business from home .we are team of professionals(www.interactivesolutions.pk) guide you how you can do your business online and keep in touch with your customers. Here are some suggestions to preserve your employees and customers engaged from a distance. These  are following:

  1. Shift your sales strategy to online
  2. Hold an Event Online
  3. Establish a remote work option
  4. Use discount to your Advantages
  5. Be obsessive about Hygiene

Shift you traditional sales in to online marketing:

 In such covid situation you need not to  worry about your business you can sale your products online and can sale all over world through social media platform you can approach more customers and can earn more than traditional sailing. For instance, in Wuhan, the cosmetics company Lin Qingxuan closed 40% of its stores — but the emblem’s 100+ splendor advisors took to digital structures like WeChat to interact clients virtually and increase on-line sales. “As a end result, its sales in Wuhan executed 200 hundred% growth as compared to the previous year’s salesIf you’re closing your shop, find ways to keep your personnel incomes a paycheck by using selling on social media, setting your e-mail list to right use or the use of a video device to attain new leads.Infact through social media platform you can target more audience and visitors towards your sailing.

Hold an online Event:

Recognize that mostly customers need entertainment  at the same time as being quarantined at domestic. This is where  in Facebook Live or Instagram Live can are available in on hand. If you had a shop beginning, product release or anniversary celebration deliberate, flow it to one of the stay streaming social media channels. It’s a outstanding manner to maintain your customers engaged and build goodwill, as well as to promote your merchandise. Offer a special bargain code to the first 100 folks that move your live event, or create an “one-of-a-kind” behind the scenes look at a new product to customers to your e-mail listing. Get innovative with how you can make customers still feel invested for your logo and engaged together with your content material from a distance.

Establish Remote Work Option:

Due to Corona virus break out many industries, companies, start work remotely with the cooperation of employees.  BY doing remotely work teams can keep  in touch and hold operating although they aren’t inside the equal location.BY using Slack, Plutwo, Team viewer and Google derive you can easily manage your online work you  can keep in touch with your team members and keep  continue your business.

Promote your gift playing cards

Gift playing cards provide you with a direct infusion of cash and assure that a client will go back to your business inside the future. At eating places, where in margins are already notoriously skinny, present cards permit you to stay afloat until the disaster passes.

For instance, clients in Seattle are going out of their manner to ensure nearby cafes, bars, and eateries don’t go under, and gift playing cards provide an easy manner to preserve coins float moving.

Communicate proactively with your customers

In online business your communication style and behaviour with customers matter a lot. While doing online commercial enterprise allow your customers you’re ultimate your doors, converting your hours and what steps you’re taking to keep your personnel and work environment safe and easy. If your save is last, notify your clients to your social media channels, through e mail and on your website. If your shop is staying open, describe the steps you’re taking to mitigate hazard. In this establish good and everlasting relation among both.

Hopefully via examine this article and by using following these ways you may without difficulty keep in contact with your customers in everywhere at any time.